Mabanaft supports the so-called “Hamburg Stipendium”, a scholarship programme of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany  |  since 2021  |  Education

Mabanaft supports scholarship programme of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg

On 26 April 2021, the Hamburg Scholarship of the "Studierendenwerk Hamburg" has been awarded for the third time. The Hamburg Scholarship is addressing students from different universities in Hamburg who are excelling at their academic studies despite of having an especially unique biography. Awarded are not only academic performance but also social commitment and intercultural as well as personal competence. This year's scholarships went out to 21 students with a migration- or refugee-background. Besides financial support of 150 euros monthly for one year and each scholarship holder, the scholarship also encompasses ideational support in the form of invitations to events where the prospective academics can network and make important contacts with companies and other institutions. In 2021, Mabanaft sponsored the scholarship for the first time with 2,200 euros, thus securing the scholarship for one student.

Studierendenwerk Hamburg


Header photo: Scholarship holders with Senator Dr. Melanie Leonhard, Ian Karan, entrepreneur and former Senator for economics, Bjeen Alhassan, holder of the national integration award 2020, and Jürgen Allemeyer, chief executive of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg, during the digital award ceremony of the Hamburg Scholarship.