Hamburg packt's zusammen

Hamburg, Germany  |  2020-2021  |  Humanitarian Aid

Participation in Corona initiative "Hamburg packt's zusammen"

Within a few weeks, the aid initiative "Hamburg packt's zusammen" ( came about. The partner companies, including Marquard & Bahls and its subsidiaries such as Mabanaft, want to join forces to help people in Hamburg and the surrounding area who are particularly struggling with the effects of the corona pandemic. These include single parents, families, senior citizens, the homeless and students. The target set is to pack 25,000 care bags to supply people in need as a result of the pandemic and its consequences. So far, more than 30 employees from the company's headquarters in Hamburg have participated in the large-scale packing campaign so that the bags can be distributed promptly by the cooperation partner Hanseatic Help e.V.

Video Campaign intro (May 2020)   Video poster campaign (July 2020)

© Photo: Julia Schwendner