Mabanaft's history
Mabanaft's history

A journey through time:
Milestones of success

In 1947, we were a domestic oil trading company. Today we are in the midst of the energy transition, an exciting time of innovation and investment. One thing that has not changed over the years; a pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial mindset is deeply rooted in our DNA.

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January 2022

P2X Europe and Nordic Electrofuel cooperate on PtL products

P2X Europe is driving the path to carbon neutrality in mobility and chemicals: The joint venture between Mabanaft and the H&R Group plans to purchase synthesis-based e-fuels and waxes from renewable resources from Nordic Electrofuel. From 2024, P2X Europe will purchase commercial quantities of fuel and waxes and market them mainly in the jet fuel sector, but also in the basic chemical industry. The cooperation between Nordic Electrofuel and P2X Europe strengthens the joint venture's supply base and thereby drives market penetration with CO2-reduced power-to-liquids products.

Nordic Electrofuel is planning to build several modern e-fuel production plants in Porsgrunn, about 150 kilometres southwest of the Norwegian capital Oslo, but also elsewhere in Norway. There, in the Herøya industrial park, Nordic Electrofuel wants to produce synthesis-based fuels and raw materials for the chemical industry on a large scale from 2024 to help reducing CO2 emissions. The hydrogen used in the production processes is green, the electricity comes from domestic wind- and hydropower. 

January 2022

Petronord further expands in Sweden with Runes AB

The expansion of the Petronord Group in Sweden continues by acquiring shares in the trading company Runes AB as of January 2022. The family-run company Runes AB is based in Emmaboda, a town in the southern Swedish province of Kalmar län, with the sales area also covering parts of the historic province of Småland. Runes AB serves its commercial and end-user customers with a team of ten employees. The business activities focus on the sale of diesel fuels. In addition, the company operates a service-station network with seven automatic filling stations and one classic filling station. The sale of heating oil and lubricants rounds off the portfolio. Petronord will hold the shares in Runes AB through its associated company PS Energi AB, Halmstad. The other shares will be held equally by Alf Johansson, the previous owner, and Anders Rungegård.

September 2021

Mabanaft acquires stake in energy-storage specialist NACOMPEX

In two pilot projects, Mabanaft and NACOMPEX GmbH are working together to develop an innovative, decentralised system for storing and transporting hydrogen. Germany’s federal government and that of the state of Saxony are providing the projects with €1.8 million in funding as part of the National Hydrogen Strategy.

Using the FeRedox process developed by NACOMPEX, the company is working on energy-storage systems that aim to significantly boost the efficiency of the electricity-hydrogen-electricity energy conversion chain. The idea is to store the energy of hydrogen in iron pellets using a redox reaction with iron – cost-effectively, reliably and with a high energy density. In this way, hydrogen can be easily and safely stored and transported as well as efficiently recovered and converted into electricity.

The investment in NACOMPEX GmbH is directly related to Mabanaft’s Sustainable Fuels Strategy and ties in with its ongoing hydrogen and power-to-liquid projects, such as AquaVentus and P2X-Europe.

March 2021

Mabanaft and OIL! Tankstellen join eFuel Alliance

Mabanaft and its subsidiary OIL! Tankstellen aim to advance the development of climate-neutral liquid fuels. With this objective in mind, both companies have joined the eFuel Alliance. The commitment of Mabanaft and its subsidiary OIL! Tankstellen is a further step to promote E-Fuels and establish them in the market.

Mabanaft and HIF close MOU to distribute E-Fuels in Germany
January 2021

Mabanaft and HIF close MOU to distribute E-Fuels in Germany

In January 2021, Mabanaft and HIF (Highly Innovative Fuels) announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in relation to the purchase and sale of up to 500 million liters of carbon neutral E-Fuels per year from the commercial phases of HIF’s projects located within Chile’s Region de Magallanes. HIF’s projects in Magallanes enjoy the world’s best wind resources. The project will use wind power to produce hydrogen which will be combined with CO2 extracted from the atmosphere to produce methanol. The methanol will then be converted into gasoline. HIF intends to move forward with the construction of its first commercial scale facility in 2022. E-Gasoline can be used as a direct substitute for fossil-based gasoline, with no changes to existing logistics, infrastructure or engines required.

Mabanaft aims to be one of the first companies in Germany and Europe to supply its customers with CO2-neutral E-Fuels through its extensive network of service stations and wholesale supply locations. The cooperation with HIF will allow Mabanaft to bring substantial volumes of this innovative fuel into the German and European market within a few years.

HIF announced in December 2020 the financial support from the German Government for its Haru Oni pilot plant with the participation of Porsche, Siemens Energy, Enel Green Power, ENAP and ExxonMobil.

Mabanaft is a founding member of AquaVentus
December 2020

Mabanaft is a founding member of AquaVentus

Mabanaft is a member of the newly founded AquaVentus association, which aims to install a total of 10 gigawatts of offshore wind turbines in the North Sea between Helgoland and the Sandbank Doggerbank by 2035. One million tons of green hydrogen per year could soon be produced on the high seas. The AquaVentus association is made up of organizations and research institutes as well as international companies that are proclaiming a new age of climate-friendly energy with the production of green hydrogen at sea.

H&R Group and Mabanaft establish the new joint venture P2X Europe
November 2020

H&R Group and Mabanaft establish the new joint venture P2X Europe

H&R Refining GmbH and Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG have signed an agreement to establish the joint venture P2X Europe. The joint venture will purchase carbon-neutral products such as E-Fuels and petrochemical specialties such as waxes from corresponding projects and market them through the respective distribution channels of Mabanaft and H&R. In this context, H&R is building a pilot plant at its production site in Hamburg. The green hydrogen already available there and carbon dioxide will be used to produce synthetic raw waxes and E-Fuels in a climate-neutral way in the so-called Power-to-Liquid process.

July 2020

Mabanaft Energy Scandinavia AS (MESAS) is founded

Mabanaft Energy Scandinavia AS (MESAS), a newly founded trading company of Mabanaft, has been supplying Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL) with jet fuel since July 2020. The company will initially supply Norwegian Air Shuttle and Deutsche Lufthansa Group airlines.

June 2020

Petronord further expands its presence in Sweden with NB Oljor and Fundins Olja

Petronord intensifies its business activities in Sweden and acquires shares in NB Oljor in June 2020. This is Petronord's fourth stake in a Swedish company. NB Oljor is a regionally established trading company based in Västerås, southern Sweden. NB Oljor's business activities focus on the sale of heating oil, diesel fuel and lubricants to private and commercial customers. In addition, its product portfolio currently includes five automated filling stations.

In July 2020, Petronord then acquires shares in Fundins Olja AB as a strategically good addition to the existing network. This is Petronord's fifth acquisition. Fundins is based in Tranås, in the province of Jönköpings län, and also has locations in Jönköping, Västervik and Linköping. In addition to the sale of heating oil, diesel fuel and lubricants to private consumers and commercial customers, the company's portfolio also includes 17 automated filling stations. 

February 2020

Mabanaft acquires Avon Lodge Truckstop

Mabanaft Limited acquires Avon Lodge, one of the leading independent truckstops in the UK. Following the acquisition of Junction 29 in August 2019, this is the second truckstop Mabanaft Limited has taken over. The acquisition is in line with the trading company's objective of establishing a nationwide network of independent truckstops. Avon Lodge is of strategic importance as it is located on the outskirts of Bristol close to the M5 motorway, the main traffic artery in England's southwest.

Mabanaft invests in world-scale ammonia production facility of Gulf Coast Ammonia (GCA)
January 2020

Mabanaft invests in world-scale ammonia production facility of Gulf Coast Ammonia (GCA)

Mabanaft will become ammonia offtaker and operating partner in Gulf Coast Ammonia LLC (GCA), a special purpose entity owned and controlled jointly by an affiliate of Starwood Energy Group Global LLC and Mabanaft. On December 30, 2019, GCA issued formal notice to proceed with turnkey construction of a highly-efficient, state-of-the-art ammonia production plant with nameplate capacity of approximately 1.3 million metric tons per year to be built at a brownfield site in Texas City, USA. The facilities are expected to enter commercial levels of production in the first half of 2023. Air Products will serve as exclusive supplier of all hydrogen and nitrogen feedstock requirements. 

GCA has concluded long-term offtake agreements for the entire nameplate production capacity, of which approximately 500,000 metric tons ammonia per year will be marketed by Mabanaft. The project offers advantageous logistics with 70,000 metric tons of on-site storage and a dedicated, deep-water jetty capable of loading domestic barges as well as the largest sea going ammonia carriers to reach global ammonia markets. The marine facilities will be owned and operated by Oiltanking, a sister company of Mabanaft.

August 2019

Mabanaft acquires Junction 29 Truckstop, UK

Mabanaft Limited acquires Junction 29, one of the top-tier, independent truckstops in the UK, located in the Midlands, a short distance from the M1. The deal completed in August 2019, and marks Mabanaft’s strategic commitment to developing a network of truckstops across the country, offering drivers and companies good-value, high-quality truckstops outside of those owned by the oil companies and large group networks. Junction 29 is strategically important to the commercial fuel network, supporting Keyfuels, UK Fuels and Morgan Fuels’ customers.

February 2019

Acquisition of Heinz Vöge Mineralölhandel

In February 2019, the Petronord Group continues its growth in western Germany with the acquisition of the company Heinz Vöge Mineralölhandel e.K. Vöge operates in a region that borders directly on the sales territories of other Petronord companies: Schmidt Energiehandel in the north (Ascheberg-Herbern), Lipps Energie in the south (Hagen-Hohenlimburg near Dortmund) and Uhlenbruck Energie in the southwest (Mülheim an der Ruhr). The acquisition of Vöge strengthens Petronord's presence in the North Rhine-Westphalia region and optimally complements Schmidt Energiehandel's business. With the takeover, Vöge is continued as a branch of Schmidt Energiehandel. Vöge Mineralölhandel was founded in 1962 in Hamm, North Rhine-Westphalia, and operates a classic end-consumer business with heating oil, diesel and lubricants. An automatic filling station with diesel and AdBlue completes the portfolio.

November 2018

Bomin exits the bunker markets

In September 2018, Bomin withdraws from the bunker markets in Singapore and Antwerp; other locations such as Belgium will follow. The Bomin group is in a transformation and restructuring process, and intense competition and low margins characterize the situation in all major ports.

October 2018

Strengthening of Petronord in Sweden: Stockholms Diesel & Oljehandel

By acquiring a stake in Stockholms Diesel & Oljehandel AB in October 2018, the Petronord Group continues to grow and strengthens its presence in Sweden. Stockholms Diesel & Oljehandel AB primarily sells diesel and heating oil to business customers and private consumers in the Stockholm area. In addition, one of its two subsidiaries is active in the lubricants business and offers customers a wide range of high-quality products.

August 2018

Mabanaft establishes Mabanaft Energy Trading Inc. in Houston, USA

Mabanaft Energy Trading Inc. (METI), based in Houston, Texas, is established to promote the procurement, shipping, physical supply and trading of middle distillates and other refined products for the Mabanaft Group in North and Latin America.

February 2017

Petronord expands activities in Germany and enters the Swedish market

Specialists in the lubricants business: Keck Schmierstoffservice
In February 2017, the Petronord Group companies Keck Energieservice and Mühlenbruch Stinnes Schmierstoffservice participate in a new lubrication company: Keck Schmierstoffservice GmbH & Co. KG. The company based in Brakel now runs Keck Energieservice’s entire lubrication business. The rationale behind this step is the market concentration and to leverage synergies between the two companies. For example, all storage and logistics for Mabanol products will be handled in and from Brakel.

Joint venture to market bitumen and bitumen components: NordBit
The newly founded company NordBit GmbH & Co. KG, jointly and equally held by the Petronord company Mabanol Bitumen GmbH & Co. KG and H&R Refining GmbH, begins its targeted marketing of bitumen and bitumen components as of July 2017. NordBit procures and markets bitumen products from H&R's production sites in Hamburg and Salzbergen, Germany, among other sources. Its customers include national and international customers as well as end-consumers from various sectors. The focus is on industrial applications, road construction, roof waterproofing, landfill construction, and dike construction.

Expansion of business activities towards Sweden
Petronord acquires a stake in the oil company PS Olje AB in July 2017, marking the start of its activities in Sweden. The regionally established Swedish company PS Olje does business in three areas: heating oil and diesel trading, the lubricant business and the operation of unmanned service stations. Its office in Halmstad is located between Malmö and Gothenburg in southern Sweden. The simultaneous acquisition of Energi & värme i Blekinge by PS Olje is in line with Petronord’s objective of further expanding the trading business in Sweden. As a new branch office of PS Olje, it offers promising opportunities for expanding the service station business.

In September 2017, the Petronord Group continues its growth in Sweden with the acquisition of a stake in the established lubricants supplier Swelube AB. Swelube's primary business is the supply of automotive lubricants to B2B customers. The company is located in Angered; its distribution area extends across all of Scandinavia, with a focus on Sweden. The Swelube acquisition brings the number of companies in the Petronord Group to 30.

July 2016

Bomin launches physical operation in Mauritius, and sells shareholding in Bomin Linde LNG

The Bomin Group launches a physical bunker operation in Port Louis, Mauritius, with effect from July 12, 2016. Port Louis is the only official port of entry and exit for sea vessels in Mauritius. The expansion significantly strengthens Bomin’s position in a growing and important region, and continues the company’s ambitious plans for growth throughout 2016.

In October 2016, the Group sells its shareholding in Bomin Linde LNG. The company’s 50-percent stake in Bomin Linde LNG, a joint venture with Linde, is transferred to Linde AG, which in future owns all shares. Bomin’s decision is based on demand for LNG not meeting the company’s expectations, uncertainty over the LNG market’s future potential, and the slowdown in the newbuild market for which LNG-fuelled main engines is the most viable. As the marine fuel supply chain transitions in line with changing regulations, Bomin believes that the market for LNG is, and will be impacted by the potential development of other alternative fuels, and an increase in the adoption of scrubbing technology.

May 2016

Founding of Kiessling Energie strengthens Petronord’s activities in Bavaria

Petronord founds Kiessling Energie GmbH & Co. KG on May 1, 2016. The new company incorporates the long-standing oil trading activities of the family Riediger. They cover both sales of heating oil and fuels to private and commercial end-consumers, a business that has been successfully operated from Lauterhofen since 1918, as well as the independent service station and the distribution of a wide range of lubricant products to users in industry, retail and the crafts trade as well as to municipal facilities.

May 2015

Mabanaft acquires A/S Haahr Benzin service station network in Denmark

OIL! Tankstellen GmbH & Co. KG, a company in the Mabanaft trading group, takes over the A/S Haahr Benzin network of unmanned service stations in Denmark. With the commencement of business operations in May 28, 2015, Haahr operates gasoline service stations at currently 43 locations across Denmark, ensuring a comprehensive supply network. The acquisition of the network provides Mabanaft with a strategic extension of its retail activities and supports its general European growth strategy. The Mabanaft service station network currently comprises OIL! service stations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, stations operated as a franchise system in Hungary, automatic filling stations branded “tankpool24,” and the Tirex Petrol stations in Moldova. With the addition of the new sites in Denmark, Mabanaft’s European service station network comprises more than 660 stations.

At the beginning, the Danish network continues to be operated under the well-known brand Haahr Benzin.

February 2015

Expansion of the bunker business along the Rhine – Acquisition of Vasco Bunker GmbH

NWB Nord- und Westdeutsche Bunker GmbH, a subsidiary of the Bomin group, takes over all shares in Vasco Bunker GmbH, Düsseldorf, with effect from February 1, 2015. Vasco Bunker, which is to continue doing business under this name, supplies shipping customers along the Rhine in the greater Dusseldorf region with diesel fuel and lubricants, using the bunker boat “Vasco II.” This acquisition further expands NWB’s nationwide network with its focus on northern and western Germany. From now on, clients in the greater Cologne/Dusseldorf area have two places to get their bunker: “Köln Bunker 1” in Cologne and the newly acquired bunker boat “Vasco II.”

January 2015

Mabanaft announces new organizational structure

Effective January 2015, Mabanaft restructures its activities into three separate business units: “Mabanaft Trading,” “Mabanaft Retail,” and “Mabanaft Bunkering.” The reorganization aims to reflect the different businesses of Mabanaft, spread over more than 100 companies and five continents, and to better position the group for further growth. With this in mind, Mabanaft is divided into three business units, each with their own director. Mabanaft Trading covers all regional trading and wholesale activities, irrespective of the products traded. Mabanaft Retail is responsible for the end-consumer business and the service stations. Mabanaft Bunkering covers all bunkering activities.

January 2014

Petronord grows with John Schmierstoffe and ZIEGLMEIER Energie

Effective January 1, 2014, Petronord expands its activities to include the business operations of John Schmierstoffe GmbH, Altlandsberg (Brandenburg). The company has been active in selling lubricants since 1990 and is one of the leading lubricant traders in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. John Schmierstoffe also supplies lubricants to customers in the region along the Polish border to Berlin as well as in other federal states. Its range of brand-name products includes about 800 lubricants for a wide range of applications.

A historic company with a long tradition becomes part of the Petronord Group with the addition of ZIEGLMEIER Energie GmbH. Based in Schrobenhausen, the company is awell-known energy trader in the region, and well established in the distribution of heating oil, wood pellets, natural gas as well as fuels and lubricants. The merger does not include the service-station business of ZIEGLMEIER GmbH & Co. KG, which will continue to be run by Mr. Nico Zieglmeier.

November 2013

Petronord establishes EAG

Petronord launches a new line of business on 1 November 2013. With the establishment of EAG Energie Abrechnungs- und Service GmbH in Hiddenhausen, the Group now has its own energy supplier for natural gas and electricity for the first time. Combined with the services of the regional sites active in the heating market, the two products now become part of the portfolio for the whole of Germany.

October 2013

OIL! Acquires 20 service stations in the Rhine-Ruhr region from Eller-Montan

OIL! Tankstellen has grown steadily in recent years. While it usually expanded the network one station at a time, this time a whole package is added: OIL! took over 20 service stations from Eller-Montan some weeks ago. This acquisition increases the number of stations in the OIL! network in Germany by 10%, to 222. With the 24 service stations in Austria and another 21 in Switzerland, the OIL! network in the German-speaking countries (D-A-CH) now encompasses a total of 267 stations.

January 2013

Intensification of the Staack Pooltankstellen business

To further strengthen Staack Pooltankstellen GmbH & Co. KG’s position in the market, it agrees another individual form of participation within Petronord Group with TM Handel und Tanklogistik Gmbh & Co. KG. The business operations of the TM Handel und Tanklogistik GmbH & Co. KG are incorporated in Staack Pooltankstellen on January 1, 2013. In return, Thies Mosner receives a share in Staack Pooltankstellen. TM Handel und Tanklogistik is a mineral oil company operating in Schleswig-Holstein, which, as a partner of tankpool24 is regionally active in the pool stations business with 14 sites.

Bomin and Linde establish joint venture in liquefied natural gas for the marine market
August 2012

Bomin and Linde establish joint venture in liquefied natural gas for the marine market

Bomin and The Linde Group, a technology company, announce the establishment of a joint venture company to build an infrastructure for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the maritime sector in Europe. The 50/50 joint venture will be based in Hamburg and will start its operations in the latter part of 2012. The aim of the new joint venture is to establish a reliable LNG supply chain that would provide safe, environmentally friendly fuel to ship owners and operators. Linde contributes its vast experience in cryogenics and its best in class engineering know-how, while Bomin supports the joint venture with its excellent track record in maritime bunker fuel trading and operations.

Vessel emissions in ECAs would have to be reduced further on January 1, 2015, forcing ship owners to limit their sulfur emissions drastically. Especially compared to conventional heavy fuel oil, LNG offers a near-100% reduction of emissions in sulfur and particulate matter, 80-85% in nitrogen oxides (NOx), and 20-25% in CO2 emissions. A network of LNG storage facilities is to be set up for the bunkering of vessels in main European harbors, so that LNG can help to meet the increasingly strict regulations.

March 2012

Mabanaft reorganizes its trading business

In future, Mabanaft will concentrate on wholesaling, service stations, retailing and bunkering as well as optimizing the supply chain for these activities. Physical oil trading is central to Mabanaft’s trading strategy. This means exiting the international trading business in Houston and Rotterdam in a controlled way. The main reasons for the withdrawal from international trading are the significant changes in the market and the associated incompatibility of this business with the company’s conservative approach to risk-taking.

The Rotterdam-based carbon credit business, however, has a promising future and is continued.

Mabanaft Singapore focuses on the regional physical trading business from this point on, serving as a center of expertise for the entire Marquard & Bahls Group in this region.

March 2012

Petronord founds Uhlenbruck & Kemmann Energie

Petronord grows in North Rhine-Westphalia. It begins the business operations of the newly founded Uhlenbruck & Kemmann Energie GmbH on March 1, 2012. The new company incorporates the end-consumer businesses of Hermann Uhlenbruck Mineralölvertrieb GmbH in Mülheim and Eduard Kemmann GmbH & Co. Mineralölhandel in Kaarst. Hermann Uhlenbruck Mineralölvertrieb GmbH is a long-established regional oil trading company. Besides the traditional heating oil and diesel business, the company is also strongly engaged in the pool-stations business as a tankpool24 partner with 19 sites. The company Eduard Kemmann GmbH & Co. Mineralölhandel is a strategic distribution partner of ExxonMobil in the lubricants market, a partnership that will be continued by the new company.

Expansion of the bunkering business: Mabanaft acquires Bominflot
September 2011

Expansion of the bunkering business: Mabanaft acquires Bominflot

The acquisition of Bominflot turns Mabanaft into one of the world's five largest bunkering groups. The combination of Bominflot and Matrix Marine, Mabanaft's subsidiary in the bunkering business, will enable both companies to secure further growth by effectively and sustainably leveraging their respective strengths long-term. Under the agreement, all bunkering operations of Bominflot and Matrix Marine are combined into the Bominflot Group, which then operates under the Mabanaft umbrella. The companies continue to do business under their existing names, which are well established in the market.

With more than 35 years of experience at this time, Bominflot is one of the leading independent bunker traders and suppliers. Its business activities range from the supply of bunker fuels and lubricants, to cargo trading, to many other services to the shipping industry. Operating around the globe with a staff of more than 300 in 36 offices worldwide, Bominflot is organized into three regions: Americas, Europe/Africa and Far East/Middle East.

At this point, Mabanaft has been involved in the bunkering business for almost 15 years through its subsidiary Matrix Marine. The 1997 acquisition of Houston-based Matrix Marine Fuels marked Mabanaft's entry into the business, since which time it has established itself as a leading independent supplier of bunker fuels and related services. Its locations at the time of acquisition include the U.S. Gulf Coast, Singapore, Oman and India.

July 2011

Petronord acquires Greiner GmbH

On July 1, 2011, the company Greiner GmbH becomes part of the Petronord Group. As an Aral brand partner, Greiner GmbH is a long-established regional oil trading company that operates in the traditional heating oil and diesel business as well as the lubricants market. Alongside Benol and Digol, a branch of Hartmann, Petronord continues to expand its footprint in the federal state of Hesse.

January 2011

Realignment of the pellets business

To better leverage synergies between the various business units of Marquard & Bahls AG, the trade with wood pellets and other biofuels, which was previously assigned to the sister company GEE Energy, is incorporated into Mabanaft Deutschland at the beginning of 2011. This enables Mabanaft Deutschland to offer its customers a one-stop source for heating oil and pellets.

January 2011

Petronord enters new territory - bitumen

In January 2011, Petronord enters a new line of business: The newly founded Mabanol Bitumen GmbH & Co. KG specializes in the marketing of bitumen and bitumen components to national and international customers as well as end-users from various industries. Its focus will be on industrial applications, road construction and roof sheeting. The founding of Mabanol Bitumen brings the number of Petronord Group companies to 20.

October 2010

Mühlenbruch Stinnes Schmierstoffservice marks further expansion of Petronord’s lubricant activities

To ensure optimum, professional support specifically for business customers in all matters related to the Mabanol brand, Petronord founds Mühlenbruch Stinnes Schmierstoffservice GmbH & Co. KG. The new company is based in Bremen, and its sales territory covers the whole of Germany. Mühlenbruch Stinnes Schmierstoffservice sells the entire product portfolio of the Mabanol brand, i.e. lubricants for automotive (cars and trucks) as well as for industrial use. The entire offer is specifically aimed at mineral oil traders and trading partners that are active in the lubricants sector or would like to be.

April 2010

A new name at Petronord: Mabanol

From April 2010, the newly founded company Mabanol is active in the lubricants business and establishes its products in the market under that brand. Nationally, the lubricants are distributed through direct sales; internationally, Mabanol sells the products to renowned trading partners.

February 2010

Expansion of the bunker business – Oman and South Africa

Mabanaft has been successfully involved in the bunker business on the U.S. Gulf Coast for years through its subsidiary Matrix Marine Fuels. Based on these many years of experience, the company further expands its bunker activities under the umbrella of the newly founded Matrix Marine Holding in Hamburg. After the addition of Singapore and India in 2008 and 2009, the bunker supply business is now established in Oman and South Africa as well. To achieve this, in mid-January Matrix Marine Holding and Oman Oil sign a collaboration agreement in Oman, with the objective of offering bunker services at the Port of Sohar from mid-2010. Sohar is a very attractive location because of its proximity to the Strait of Hormuz, a major shipping route in the Middle East.

In South Africa, at the beginning of February another joint venture is established between Matrix Marine Holding and Calulo Services, which is already active in the local bunker market through its subsidiary Kepu Trading. Matrix Kepu Bunkers initially offers its services in major South African ports, such as Durban, Richards Bay, and Cape Town. In the medium term, an expansion along the East and West African coast and to the islands in the Indian Ocean is planned.

December 2009

Mabanaft expands into carbon trading

In December 2009, Mabanaft expands its portfolio of trading activities to include the carbon-trading business. To position itself strategically in the global carbon market, Mabanaft B.V., its Rotterdam-based subsidiary, hires a team with experience in carbon trading. The international activities and global network of Mabanaft and Marquard & Bahls’ other subsidiaries will lead to good business opportunities that Mabanaft plans to exploit in conjunction with the new carbon-trading team. Mabanaft sees a lot of growth potential ahead for the new line of business.

February 2009

Mabanaft Limited acquires Thomas Silvey

Thomas Silvey becomes part of Mabanaft Limited, London, at the beginning of the year. The move expands Mabanaft’s business model, which had already proven its worth in the recent acquisition of Advance Fuels and the earlier, successful integration of BWOC. Thomas Silvey was founded in Bristol in 1871 and initially traded with coal. Later, the company successively expans its portfolio, which now includes – beyond the supply of contract service stations – the business with fuel cards for private as well as commercial customers. Beyond this, Thomas Silvey also provides third-party haulage services to the industry.

November 2008

Mabanaft Limited acquires South Eastern Fuels Limited

By taking over the company South Eastern Fuels Limited (SEFL), Mabanaft Limited expands its business model, which had already proven its worth in the successful integration of BWOC, a wholesaler based in the Southwest of England. From this point on, SEFL is active in the market under the name Advance Fuels Limited.

Mabanaft Limited has operated in the UK from its London base for over 40 years. The company supplies automotive and heating fuels to commercial customers from storage facilities at Grays, Cardiff, Immingham, Seal Sands and Grangemouth. South Eastern Fuels Limited operates from its Harefield and Croydon depots on the outskirts of London. The company serves bulk distribution, third-party haulage, as well as commercial and domestic fuels customers.

Mabanaft, Petronord and OIL! found Initiative Pro Klima
October 2008

Mabanaft, Petronord and OIL! found Initiative Pro Klima

Mabanaft, the Petronord Group and OIL! Tankstellen launch Initiative Pro Klima to jointly initiate and fund climate research and climate protection projects in Germany. In addition, Initiative Pro Klima also offers efficient products and provides information and advice on environmentally relevant energy issues. The first project involves funding a post-doctoral research position at the KlimaCampus Hamburg in connection with the first-time long-term measurement and analysis of rainfall over the oceans. The first of the initiative’s various reforestation projects takes place in cooperation with the Schleswig-Holstein State Forestry in November 2008 on an area of approximately 100,000 m² in Bönebüttel, Plön district, where more than 40,000 trees are planted.

March 2008

Mabanaft founds joint venture for bunker business in India and Singapore: Matrix

Matrix Marine Fuels L.P., a wholly owned subsidiary of Mabanaft, and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), an Indian government undertaking, sign an agreement to form a joint venture company. Matrix-Bharat Marine Services Pte. Ltd., based in Singapore, is set up to establish an international bunkering business in India and Singapore. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mumbai, is the second-largest marketing oil company in India and is engaged in the refining, storing, marketing and distribution of petroleum products, including bunkering of vessels. The joint venture company is thus able to draw on BPCL’s refining expertise to supply residual and distillate fuels (fuel oil, marine diesel oil, marine gasoil, cutter stock) for bunker supply. The joint venture enters into a long-term commitment for the use of customized tanks and infrastructure at the Oiltanking Odfjell Terminal Singapore.

January 2008

Petronord adds Keck, JB GERMAN OIL and OILTECH Lubes Service to its portfolio

On January 1, 2008, Petronord and Mr. Lars Keck jointly acquire the end-consumer business of the firm Erich Keck e.K. in Brakel, and transfer it to the new company Keck Energieservice GmbH & Co. KG. Erich Keck e.K. is a long-established regional oil trading company. Besides being active in the traditional heating oil and diesel business, the company is active in the pool station business, both as a shareholder of tankpool24 with 37 service stations, and as a strategic partner of ExxonMobil in the lubricants market. By taking this step, Petronord further expands and diversifies its end-consumer business and continues to resolutely build on the regional identity of its shareholdings.

Wittenburg-based JB GERMAN OIL joins Petronord with effect from March 2008. The company is focused on the sale and production of lubricants. JB GERMAN OIL exports to more than 30 countries in Europe, North Africa, and the Near, Middle and Far East, where the lubricants supplied by JB German OIL are successfully marketed by local retail partners and distributors.

OILTECH Lubes Service GmbH & Co. KG based in Dusseldorf is active under the Petronord group umbrella, where it strengthens the lubricants business, as of April 2008. Since 2001, the company has sold branded lubricants in the car-dealership and repair-shop segment. The core territory for OILTECH’s business extends across the German states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, the Saarland, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

September 2007

Mabanaft founds Mabanaft East Europe

Mabanaft East Europe, based in Hamburg, is established to capitalize on trading opportunities in Eastern Europe, particularly in the former Soviet Union, and in doing so benefit from the long years of experience gained within the Mabanaft organization. The focus is on developing new lines of business in the Eastern European and CIS countries, and on integrating the trading activities in Russia and Turkey. The Mabanaft East Europe trading team collaborates closely with the subsidiaries in Moscow, Chisinau, and Istanbul, and its export business is transacted in close consultation with the Mabanaft B.V. team in Rotterdam.

July 2007

Mabanaft opens new trading office in Singapore

As part of its international growth strategy, Mabanaft opens a new office in Singapore on July 2, 2007. The new subsidiary operates under the name of Mabanaft Pte. Ltd. and trades physical petroleum products and derivatives in the Far East. It is also expected to help ensure constant market liquidity. A team of experienced employees analyzes market imbalances and develops solutions tailored to each customer’s requirements. The team coordinates its work closely with the Mabanaft offices in Rotterdam and Houston. After Rotterdam and Houston, Singapore is Mabanaft’s third mainstay of international trade.

January 2007

Petronord founds Hartmann Energie

Petronord acquires the end-consumer businesses of Klaus Hartmann GmbH and Digol Energie GmbH with effect from January 1, 2007. The two companies are merged under the umbrella of the newly established Hartmann Energie GmbH & Co. KG in Oberleichtersbach (Bavaria). Klaus Hartmann GmbH is a well-established regional oil trading company and has been a close business partner of Mabanaft Frankfurt for many years.

Klaus Hartmann takes over Digol Energie GmbH with its Künzell and Schmalkalden branches from Petronord in May 2005. With the acquisition of the two companies on January 1, 2007, Digol Energie returns to the Petronord Group as a branch of Hartmann Energie.

Ethanol 85 (E85): OIL! shows its pioneering spirit
February 2006

Ethanol 85 (E85): OIL! shows its pioneering spirit

OIL! is the first German service station company to offer Ethanol 85 (E85) under the brand name “CropPower85.” Drivers can fill up with the new fuel at three service stations in Germany: in Hennef, Troisdorf and Saarlouis. More stations followed later.

E85 is the fuel of a new generation of vehicles: "Flexible Fuel Vehicles," which can use either E85 or “Super” grade gasoline. E85 consists of 85% bio-ethanol and 15% gasoline. Bio-ethanol is made from wheat, rye or wood. The fuel is low in sulfur, free of aromatic substances, and is designed to help reduce harmful CO2 emissions. At the same time, it would help to lessen dependence upon fossil fuels.

By selling biodiesel and then E85 in addition to conventional fuels, OIL! Tankstellen presents itself as an innovative company in the independent service-station market. OIL! Tankstellen GmbH has operated a continuously growing network of service stations under the OIL! brand in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 1994. More than 200 of the 250 OIL! service stations at the time are located in Germany.

October 2005

Petronord growths in Austria with the foundation of LSA

In October 2005, ExxonMobil’s strategic decision to sell lubricants in Austria exclusively through regional dealers leads NEWCo and Manfred Mayer MMM Mineralölvertriebsgesellschaft mbH to jointly found a new company, LSA (Lubes Services Austria). From the beginning, LSA is one of ExxonMobil’s strategic sales partners in Austria. From its base in Vienna, the medium-sized oil trading company sells the entire product range of the Mobil and Esso brands based in Vienna, which does business for industrial, trade and commercial sector in large parts of Austria.

September 2005

Mabanaft expands to the Mediterranean Sea: Founding of Mabanaft Energy in Istanbul

As part of its international expansion strategy, Mabanaft establishes a joint venture with Enerji Petrol Denizcilik Ticaret Ve Sanayi A.S. The partners each hold 50% in the new company. The new company operates under the name of Mabanaft Enerji Ticaret Ve Sanayi A.S. and is based in Istanbul, Turkey. Energy Petrol is active not only in the bunker oil but also in the gasoil business. With a market share of 15%, Energy Petrol is at the time one of the leading bunker suppliers in Turkey. To assure a high quality standard, the company operates eight bunker barges, the second-largest bunker barge fleet in Turkey. Accordingly, Mabanaft Energy focuses on the wholesale of middle distillates in the Istanbul area. The joint venture builds on the existing long business relationship between the two parties: Mabanaft had been supplying bunker fuel to Energy Petrol since the Turkish trading partner was founded in 1997. 

By establishing the new subsidiary, Mabanaft adds an attractive location to its portfolio. The greater Istanbul region with its 16 million inhabitants is characterized by strong economic growth at the time.

May 2005

Mabanaft centralizes its international trading activities in Rotterdam

Mabanaft centralizes the international trading activities of Mabanaft International GmbH & Co. KG and B.V. Mabanaft in Rotterdam. Accordingly, all trading activities in Mabanaft International in Hamburg are terminated and continued in Rotterdam instead. After the termination of the trading activities in Mabanaft International, this company is modified into an operational services entity, meaning that all operational activities related to cargo trading will continue to be handled from Hamburg.

February 2004

Founding of Mabanaft Inc., Connecticut

Mabanaft had always had a strong position in Europe. For several months now, the trading company has been busy developing the market on the East Coast of the United States. To continue on its international growth path, Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg, founds Mabanaft Inc. in America, which focuses mainly on trading in heating oil.

Since June 1, Mabanaft Inc. has supplied its customers in Connecticut with gasoil and diesel from a tank terminal in New Haven. By wholesaling middle distillates in the U.S., Mabanaft expands its international footprint with a view to strengthening its trade position. An optimum supply from local refineries is as important in this as the exploitation of possible options for imports from Europe is.

The company is able to draw on the international experience of Mabanaft Holding Group – which is already active in Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Moldova, Hungary, the Netherlands and England – and leverage synergies.

Starting May 18, 2004, Mabanaft Inc. is also active in energy futures trading on the NYMEX in New York, thereby creating a further prerequisite for successful trading. Trading in futures contracts serves as a hedge for its own trade and inventory positions, as well as for optimizing the pricing of the sale contracts per customer.

The Trading Business in the US
The trading business is characterized by “a highly sophisticated approach” to pricing – a strong stock market orientation. Oil prices are an integral part of the daily news, and the focus of public attention. Trade is extremely seasonal, as demand for heating oil is essentially limited to the winter months. Very small tanks mean fortnightly or monthly deliveries, and customers need to negotiate a delivery service contract beforehand if they want to avoid running out of heating oil.

January 2004

Mabanaft gets involved in end-consumer business in Austria through Petronord

Mabanaft Austria Holding GmbH & Co. KG acquires a stake in Manfred Mayer MMM Mineralölvertriebsgesellschaft mbH in Austria with effect from January 1, 2004. The other shareholder in the company is the Mayer family of Neudörfl. Since the early 1970s, the company with locations in Neudörfl (head office), Vienna and Oberwart has supplied households, commercial and industrial companies as well as discount service stations and heating oil traders – in the Burgenland region as well as Vienna, Lower Austria and Styria. The product and service portfolio ranges from high-quality heating oils and lubricants, to fuels, to petroleum transport.

Similarly to the Petronord shareholdings in Germany, the involvement in the end-consumer business in Austria initially serves to support Mabanaft Austria’s trading business. The technical responsibility lies with Petronord from the beginning. At a later date, the Mabanaft Austria shareholding is transferred to Petronord.

OIL!'s historical development of the brand
June 2003

OIL!'s historical development of the brand

The 50 OIL! service stations belonging to the MHK service station organization are given a new look. OIL! continued to be written in capitals, with the prominent exclamation mark at the end, and a new tagline below: "frei & flott” (≈ freely & fast). Instead of the original three colors, only two are now used: a warm purple combined with a strong green. The new OIL! look is on view at the Flensburg and Düsseldorf OIL! stations, the first two to get the makeover.

A conversion of the remaining 120 service stations still operating under the bft logo into OIL! stations is also considered. This would give the entire MHK/MDT service station network a uniform look.

March 2003

Böttcher Energie – a strong new partner in the North Bavarian region

Petronord joins Mr. Richard Böttcher in starting up the business operations of Böttcher Energie GmbH & Co. KG on March 1, 2003. Further to this move, the new company acquires the end-consumer business of Böttcher & Huber, a long-established regional oil trading company based in Regensburg, originally founded as a coal trader. Now an established energy trader, the company’s product spectrum ranges from heating oil and pellets to diesel and lubricants.

January 2003

Mabanaft acquires Gamma (Vienna) and Viterra Contracting (Bochum)

Gamma/Mabanaft Austria

At the end of January 2003, Mabanaft GmbH acquires all shares (100%) in Gamma Mineralölhandelsgesellschaft mbH, Vienna. This acquisition marks the next step toward the further regional expansion of Mabanaft activities, and strengthens its footprint in Austria. Following the approval of the Austrian Cartel Authority, Gamma would be renamed Mabanaft Austria. Gamma has many years of experience in trading with mineral oil products, both in Austria and in southeast Europe, where the company is able to take advantage of emerging arbitrage-dealing options. Going forward, Gamma or Mabanaft Austria will work closely with all other Mabanaft companies with the aim of expanding business in Austria on the one hand, and promoting trading activities in southeast Europe on the other.


For around two years, Mabanaft has also been active in energy contracting through its subsidiary WECON Wärme und Energie Contracting GmbH. Following initial success, the company seeks further growth opportunities, e.g. by working with a specialist partner. In February 2003, after protracted negotiations, Viterra Contracting is acquired retroactively as of January 1, 2003. Later, in April 2004, Viterra Contracting GmbH & Co. KG is renamed Proenergy Contracting GmbH & Co. KG.

Viterra Contracting GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Viterra AG with revenues in the order of 30 million euros. At this time, the company services approx. 3,000 heat supply contracts totalling in excess of 300 MW. Viterra Contracting’s business is primarily concentrated in Germany, with holdings in Hungary and Austria. 

The contracting business itself can be compared to full-service leasing. Services include supplying and installing equipment, supplying energy, operation and service management, as well as financing, insurance and warranties. Energy and heating bills are optional extras. Energy contracting is ideal for large buildings, such as apartment blocks, office complexes, industrial buildings and municipal structures.

January 2003

Petronord launches operations of Deglmann Energie

On 1 January 2003, Petronord launches operations of Deglmann Energie GmbH & Co. KG together with the Deglmann family. At the same time, this new company acquires the end-consumer business of Deglmann Mineralöl GmbH based in Weiden – a long-established regional oil trading company and long-standing Shell distribution partner. The company, which increases the number of Petronord shareholdings to ten, operates branches in Weiden, Schwandorf and Regensburg, giving Petronord its first locations in Bavaria. Besides heating oil and fuels, the Deglmann Energie product range also includes lubricants for the industrial, automotive, construction and freight forwarding companies, other cooling lubricants for metalworking, and lubricants for the food industry.

July 2002

Petronord acquires Kaiser Söhne, and Benol is transferred to Petronord

In July 2002, Petronord acquires a stake in Kaiser Söhne through Lipps Mineralöle in Hagen. Founded in 1899 and based in Arnsberg, Kaiser Söhne GmbH looks back on more than a century of oil trading. At the time of the takeover, Kaiser Söhne has been owned by ESSO Rhein-Ruhr for several years. Together with Karl-Josef Brachthäuser in Finnentrop – another ExxonMobil strategic distribution partner – Lipps Mineralöle acquires the company. Kaiser Söhne specializes in the sale of lubricants. In 2003, Lipps Mineralöle transfers its complete lubricant business to Kaiser Söhne.

In 1999, Mabanaft begins operating its end-consumer business in the Frankfurt region under the name Benol Energieservice. As of 2001, as part of further acquisitions, Mabanaft’s end-consumer business in Karlsruhe and the surrounding region is also organizationally part of Benol. In August 2002, Mabanaft transfers Benol to Petronord. Both Benol in Frankfurt and the site in Karlsruhe supply heating oil to end-consumer households. They also supply heating oil, diesel and gasoline to commercial and municipal customers as well as to industrial companies.

November 2001

Striking new paths: Petronord expands pool service-station business with Staack

In November 2001, Petronord takes over all of Staack Mineralölhandel GmbH’s 33 service stations for commercial heavy-load transport, and the associated customer base, into the newly founded Staack Pooltankstellen GmbH. The company also becomes a member of tankpool24 at the same time, and goes on to expand the business under the tankpool24 brand.

July 2001

MHK acquires another 54 service stations

On July 1, 2001, the MHK Group takes over Grönwoldt Tankstellen GmbH & Co. KG’s 54 service stations located in Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and in the Hamburg area. This brings the number of service stations in the MHK network to approx. 170.

February 2001

OIL! and Petronord activities: Digol Energieservice, NEWCo and Petrocargo

In mid-2000, the Digol Group – a historic company in the Fulda area – is one of the first victims of the price war at service stations. While OIL! takes over the group’s service stations, Petronord acquires the company’s trading activities in February 2001 to strengthen its business in Hesse and Thuringia. Digol supplies private households as well as customers in trade, industry and agriculture with heating oil, diesel, gasoline and lubricants.

In April 2001, the Petronord shareholding Wittemöller Mineralöle (Lübbecke) and the companies Hempelmann (Hiddenhausen) and Kemena (Löhne) merge to become NEWCo Neue Energie- und Wärmekonzepte. Until now, all three companies have been doing business as competitors in the same region. In addition to traditional oil trading, the new company runs card-operated service stations specifically for transport companies and others, which are now connected across Europe under the tankpool24 brand. As an ISO-certified lubricants expert, NEWCo is one of ExxonMobil’s largest lubricants partners in Germany. Concurrently to the merger of the three companies, their logistics are pooled in Petrocargo Mineralöllogistik. Initially its main customer is NEWCo, but Petrocargo also offers other oil companies in the region support with export logistics.

September 2000

Discontinuation of the Mabanaft location in France

In late 2000, a lack of prospects leads to Mabanaft’s decision to give up its French office. Mabanaft S.A.R.L. has been active in France since 1984 with mixed success. The 1994 takeover of the French company Bricout Nynäs France has initially provided a much-needed boost. However, the difficult market structures have an increasingly adverse effect on the business’s development. Other independent oil trading businesses are also withdrawing from France in ever increasing numbers. With Mabanaft’s departure, the last free importer leaves the country.

April 2000

Mabanaft founds a trading company in Moldova

In April 2000, Mabanaft sets up its own trading company in the East European republic of Moldova: Mabanaft Moldova GmbH. One of the company’s first big transactions is the purchase of a majority stake (82%) in the state-owned oil trading company Tirex, which owns 15 tank terminals, seven sub-tank terminals and 49 service stations at the time. This privatization brings with it a five-year investment plan, as the facilities are to a large extent obsolete, and the organizational structure extremely inefficient.

This gives rise to various tasks for Mabanaft. Supplies need to be secured for a start. Moldova doesn’t have its own oil deposits and therefore needs to import petroleum from neighbouring countries. Mabanaft also wants to advance a reorganization of Tirex, which will take several years.

Moldova is interesting for Mabanaft because it can serve as a model for future investment projects in Eastern Europe. It allows Mabanaft to gain, with containable risk, experience in how to set up a stable business from scratch even under unfavorable conditions.

October 1998

Petronord grows with Klindworth, Kronol, Wittemöller and Lipps

Klindworth Mineralölhandel strengthens the Group from October 1998, and Kronol Mineralölhandel joins it in September 1999. With these two firms, Petronord acquires two Hamburg companies whose business activities are focused on the sale of heating oil products as well as the field of tank and heating technology. The Klindworth and Kronol customer base includes private households as well as property management companies. From 2001 on, Klindworth Mineralölhandel and Kronol Mineralölhandel form a single company and do business as Klindworth-Kronol.

Following intensive negotiations, in December 1998, Petronord’s first individual investment model is launched, which manages the business activities of Friedrich Wittemöller KG under the name Wittemöller Mineralöle GmbH. Friedrich Wittemöller KG is a well-established regional family business that has served as an Esso AG distribution partner for decades. In addition to the classic heating oil and diesel business, as well as its own service stations, the company’s focus is on the lubricants sector. Beyond this, Wittemöller Mineralöle has its own tank terminal right on the Mittelland Canal, and thus a strategically very valuable direct link to shipping.

In November 1999, the Petronord Group gains another new member: Lipps Mineralöle GmbH. Founded in 1869, the company has been a family-run business ever since. From its base in Hagen-Hohenlimburg, Lipps supplies heating oil and diesel to private customers and businesses in the southern Ruhr region, the Märkischer Kreis, and Sauerland. The company is also active in the lubricants business, and runs its own card-operated service stations.

December 1997

50 years of Mabanaft

Looking at our market position and capitalisation, we can see just how far we have come in the first fifty years. From practically nothing, Mabanaft – the trading subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls – has developed into the largest German, and one of the leading European independent oil traders. 

In terms of capital, we are relatively strong for an independent, yet compared to our competitors, the major oil companies, our capital reserves are small. It is therefore essential to realize that we cannot afford to make serious mistakes, and that we need to adapt to new conditions quicker than others. It has been our practice to spread our risk between domestic and international business as well as between short-term trade risk and the longer-term tank terminal business. This has given us a certain risk buffer against sudden upheavals.

Our most important "capital" is of course our staff. It is their commitment and innovation that has made our growth over the last 50 years possible; and it will no doubt help us master the challenges of the next 50 years. Without the energy put into every task and that last dollop of effort, success would not be possible – and this applies equally to the future.

February 1996

Founding of Petronord Energie- und Wärmekonzepte GmbH

Petronord Energie- und Wärmekonzepte GmbH is founded to take over and accelerate the retail business activities that have been ongoing at Mabanaft since the 1980s. Petronord serves as a holding company for medium-sized petroleum traders in this process. The beginning of a success story that empowers traders to survive in an increasingly competitive energy market through individual models of investment or cooperation.

In February 1996, Petronord takes over the business operations of Mühlenbruch Stinnes GmbH & Co. KG beginning the expansion of its end-consumer business. Mühlenbruch Stinnes is a medium-sized company that has been active in oil trading in the Bremen area for decades at this point. Its main focus is the heating oil end-consumer business; the company supplies private as well as industrial and commercial customers.

June 1994

Takeover of FINA's network of 12 stations in Northern Germany

At the beginning of the month, Marquard & Bahls takes control of FINA's network of 12 stations in Northern Germany. By the late 1980s, Mabanaft has once again begun to take an active interest in service stations. Mabanaft seeks to establish a firm foothold in the gasoline business, either by securing supply contracts with independent service station operators or by buying its own stations. The FINA deal is another step in this direction. The takeover expands its network to 29 service stations.

Marquard & Bahls has set up a separate subsidiary for the service-station business, and on January 1, 1994, Mabanaft's service-station business is transferred to MHK GmbH. A contract between Mabanaft and MHK serves to secure supplies. At the beginning of 1995, MHK’s organization is focused in Hamburg. In future, it is planned to intensify the company’s involvement in service stations. Marquard & Bahls earmarks funds of up to DM 60 million to be invested for this purpose.

April 1991

Mabanaft representative office in Poland

Mabanaft has had an office in Warsaw since February 1991. When the Iron Curtain came down for good in 1989/1990, there was suddenly considerable demand for gasoline in Poland. The Polish refineries are unable to meet the steadily burgeoning domestic demand. On top of this, the opening of the CIS States has created additional demand, causing Poland to increasingly serve as a transit country. Mabanaft recognizes the potential of this market, and opens a representative office in Warsaw in February 1991.

New company headquarters in Admiralitätstraße
May 1990

New company headquarters in Admiralitätstraße

As of 4 May 1990, all Hamburg employees from the Marquard & Bahls Group - including Mabanaft - work under a shared roof. This day has been long in the making: First the former state employment agency’s building was purchased in 1987.

December 1972

25 years of Mabanaft

From its modest start as a lubricating oil trader in 1947, the company has grown to become one of Germany’s leading independent petroleum traders. Mabanaft is the foremost independent importer in Germany. We therefore contribute significantly to price stability and are a vital prop when it came to supplying independent distributors.

Internationally, too, Mabanaft is one of the leading and most innovative independent oil-trading organizations. Mabanaft is one of the pioneers in the business of gasoline blending in the ARA area and is one of the parties responsible for creating the Rotterdam spot market. Our ability to guarantee supply rests on product agreements with Russia and Kuwait. We also have crude oil supply contracts with Sojuzneftexport and U.S. partners as well as follow-up contract processing agreements in Italy, Denmark and in the ARA area.

The company no longer relies solely on Mabanaft's trading activities: Mabanaft/Petronord's tank terminal division is set up as an independent company; as are the service stations and barges with the same purpose in mind. The company is therefore well-equipped for the future.

January 1972


The demand for bunker oil has risen sharply over the past few years owing to the increase in shipping traffic. The term 'bunker oil' combines heating oil for steam boilers and the fuel needed to operate a ship's diesel engines. Seeing as Mabanaft Nord has a tank terminal in Kiel right on the Kiel Canal, which is then the busiest shipping lane, the company starts up the bunkering business.

Contact to the shipping companies and brokers is important for the bunkering business. They tell Mabanaft which ships travel the Kiel Canal when, and what fuel they burn. Employees of Mabanaft contact the ships as soon as they reach the Kiel lighthouse and ask them whether they want to bunker with the company. If the answer is yes, the ship moors in the Scheerhafen, the staff connects the hoses on board and starts pumping.

Development of Mabanaft GmbH's trading activities in the South-West
October 1971

Development of Mabanaft GmbH's trading activities in the South-West

In September 1970, Mabanaft sets up its Bendorf sales division. The trading base is established from the tank terminal in Bendorf, which is almost complete. Mabanaft takes over the Bendorf offices of the recently bankrupt IOS at Entengasse 21, and by mid-November, the company starts trading in heating oil, diesel and gasoline, supplying the middle Rhine region.

Mabanaft GmbH leases tank space from the Bendorf tank terminal and from the company Rheinisch-Nassauisch Spedition und Lagerei Koblenz and delivers products to dealers in the regions of Trier, Eifel, Hunsrück, Westerwald and to the outskirts of Frankfurt/M and Cologne: a wide area between the refineries’ areas of influence in Cologne/Wesseling and Raunheim. The depots are supplied by barges from the area of Antwerp/Rotterdam/Amsterdam.

With the sales division in Karlsruhe and later the 'Südwest' branch office in Bad Soden, Mabanaft’s sales and trade region is extended along the Rhine right down to Basel. In addition to the truck business, the company also delivers by barge and rail tank car. FOB deals exist ex Rotterdam to various domestic refineries and storage locations. The cooperation with paint companies is also being established on varying scales.

Extension of Hamburg tank terminal
July 1971

Extension of Hamburg tank terminal

By May 1970, work has already begun on the Elbe-island 'Hohe Schaar' in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. By 1 December 1970, 50,000 cbm of storage space is available – meaning that for some time now, it has been possible to process tankers at the jetty. Tank space capacity increases to 115,000 cbm following the completion of the second construction phase in February this year. Four 5,000 cbm tanks store gasoline while the others are used to transship middle distillates. On completion of the third construction phase, including the planned tanks, Mabanaft has a total capacity of 600,000 cbm at its disposal in Hamburg. This strengthens Petronord’s position considerably.

Inauguration of Mabanaft tank terminal at the Teltow Canal, Berlin
July 1969

Inauguration of Mabanaft tank terminal at the Teltow Canal, Berlin

Three hundred guests from Germany and abroad come to Berlin on July 26, 1969 to take part in the inauguration of the new tank terminal on the Teltow Canal in Berlin-Lankwitz: representatives from government authorities, the petroleum industry and employees of Marquard & Bahls. The tank terminal, built on an old coal storage site, consists of four tanks each with a 5,000 cbm capacity to store middle distillates for the time being. Three further 5,000 cbm tanks for gasoline storage are planned, as is the construction of railway facilities to process unit trains. Wholesalers in the Berlin area are to be supplied with heating oil from this tank terminal. One part of the new tank terminal is earmarked for Berlin's reserves.

August 1967

Founding of Mabanaft Nord

Up until 1962 Mabanaft is not represented in the trading region of North Germany. However, as the company is based in Hamburg, it seems only natural to strengthen its position here, too. The trade is handled in its entirety by Mabanaft GmbH. There is the Domestic Department which looks after trade on the Rhine, and the Overseas Department which deals with foreign trade. The international trade department initially takes on the task of building up trade in the North German region. Hamburg and Bremen are therefore looked upon as foreign countries, as it were. Yet with time this area of responsibility becomes so important that it becomes necessary to transfer the task to a separate company. Mabanaft Nord is to provide the suitable framework for such future endeavours. 

April 1965

Successful businesses in Scandinavia

The lubricating-oil business in the Scandinavian region was started up in 1958. Business started well and this encouraged the company to give it a try in Denmark using contract processing, meaning we deliver crude oil to refineries for reprocessing and in exchange for a fee, take the end product back for resale. This business is conducted through a subsidiary Wilhelm Schliemann, which has long had good contacts in Scandinavia. 

By selling to either major oil companies, or exchanging finished products for oil in premium-price countries, Wilhelm Schliemann GmbH generates excellent profits and closes 1964 with record results.

March 1964

Foundation of Mabanaft Ltd., London

The lubricating-oil business is centrally run from Hamburg. We buys semi-finished products from Deurag-Nerag in Russia and Romania and resell them to independent processors or major oil companies. Mabanaft Ltd. in London is setup to extend the lubricating-oil business into Great Britain.

December 1962

Mabanaft AG, Switzerland, gets active

Mabanaft AG in Switzerland, founded 28 October 1957, has not been particularly active until recently. The office has, however, become more important of late. Switzerland is dependent on petroleum imports, as it has no oil deposits of its own. Such high demand means independent oil trading companies have an excellent opportunity to find gaps in the market. Switzerland also imports heavy heating oil. Besides, Switzerland also buys Russian oil, which we have difficulties finding markets for in other European countries. We buy the bulk of our petroleum products from our sister company in Rotterdam. These products are then imported into Switzerland by ship to be resold.

May 1961

Formation of AFM, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freier Mineralöl-Importeure e.V.

We and six other independent oil-trading companies join together as AFM, Arbeitsgemeinschaft freier Mineralöl-Importeure e.V. For the future we need a means by which the interests of independent importers of petroleum products may be represented when dealing with legislative ministries and other organizations, particularly the refineries. The individual oil traders are not taken seriously enough by the authorities and are often disadvantaged, when getting import licences, for instance. The refineries, too, make fuel trading difficult for the oil-trading companies. We aim to dismantle the existing restrictions on imports and lower import costs.

October 1960

Establishment of a gas station company, Uno-X Kraftstoffgesellschaft

In connection with crude oil processing it is necessary to secure a market for light petroleum products. Service stations in Germany and abroad are already being supplied. On 20 October 1960 a service station company is set up: Uno-X Kraftstoffgesellschaft mbH. Our company has previously received permission from its customer, Uno-X in Denmark, to use the name in Germany.

Shortly afterwards, we acquire the company Framin, which owns its own service stations. The Framin service stations are to be incorporated into the newly founded company Uno-X, as are further, as yet un-built, service stations in Germany, to ensure that the company possesses a secure distribution network in Germany.

March 1959

Mabanaft NV founded near Rotterdam

The subsidiary is set up so as to be right there where the market is. With the founding of Mabanaft NV, business is expected to increase, primarily in the Benelux countries, but also in merchant trading along the Rhine.

January 1958

Getting into the business with crude oil

Demand for light petrolium products has risen considerably over the last few years due to growing motorization and new heating methods. Crude oil delivery agreements were already signed with Sojuznefteexport in Moscow, with Gulf Oil in Pittsburg and with Hunt International in Dallas. In future this crude oil is to be processed at two refineries, one in Kalundborg, Denmark, and the other in Duisburg. Processing crude oil, however, presents the company with a completely new set of problems. Besides gasoline and gasoil, by-products such as heavy heating oil are created during production. Markets need to be found for these other products.

At the end of 1959, heavy heating oil is still available in the petroleum market in large quantities and at very reasonable prices. At that time, the market is limited to large-scale industry. Since our company has had difficulties finding customers for heavy heating oil up to that point, the decision is made to set up a heavy heating oil department.

December 1956

Founding of Mabanaft Inc., New York

Mabanaft Inc. is the first subsidiary overseas. Setting up the subsidiary is a further means of expanding the company. The company has grown markedly over the last couple of years, with a sales volume climbing from 100,000 to 250,000 tons between 1954 and 1955: a jump of 150%. A further leap of at least 100,000 tons looks set for 1955. Therefore, it is high time to secure a larger stake in the international trading business. Setting up Mabanaft Inc., New York, is the first step in this direction.

The subsidiary in the USA will trade under the name of Mabanaft. In 1950, Marquard & Bahls' tank terminal in Karlsruhe was dubbed MABAG, this being short for Marquard & Bahls GmbH. But as the name MABAG often led to confusion, the contraction "Mabanaft" for Marquard & Bahls Naftaproducts was created.

The first seagoing vessel
October 1950

The first seagoing vessel

23 October 1950 is a red-letter day in the history of the company. Its first seagoing vessel, the Atonality, has just arrived with the incredible import load of 200 tons. Two years earlier, lubrication oil was still sold in 20-kg canisters. Shortly afterwards, in June 1948, came the first deals involving barrels, followed closely by tank trucking businesses. That day, the first seagoing vessel with oil from Manchester arrives, creating a milestone in the fledgling company's history.

Foundation of Mabanaft
December 1947

Foundation of Mabanaft

The founding of Marquard & Bahls by Theodor Weisser in 1947 also marked the beginning of Mabanaft's history. The first day of the trading business closed with a sensational profit of 21,821 RM.