Mabanaft and OIL! Tankstellen join eFuel Alliance

Hamburg  |  1 March 2021  |  Press release

Mabanaft and OIL! Tankstellen join eFuel Alliance

Press Contact

Jonathan Perkins
Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG
+49 40 37004-0

Robert Kurtze
Managing Director
OIL! Tankstellen GmbH
+49 40 37004-0

Mabanaft and its subsidiary OIL! Tankstellen aim to advance the development of climate-neutral liquid fuels. With this objective in mind, both companies have joined the eFuel Alliance.

The commitment of Mabanaft and its subsidiary OIL! Tankstellen is a further step to promote E-Fuels and establish them in the market. In November 2020, Mabanaft already established a joint venture, P2X-Europe, to market PtX products, and shortly thereafter, in January 2021, the company signed a Memorandum of Understanding to distribute E-Fuels.

Jon Perkins, CEO of Mabanaft: "We are pleased to be part of helping E-Fuels gain widespread acceptance as part of the eFuel Alliance. Thanks to our extensive network of supply locations, we are an ideal partner when it comes to offering E-Fuels nationwide. After all, E-Fuels are convincing in many respects: they are climate-friendly, as they only release as much CO2 in use as was previously captured for production – and they offer the big advantage that the existing infrastructure can continue to be used." 

Robert Kurtze, Managing Director of OIL! Tankstellen, adds: "E-fuels can help to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, and they will be an affordable alternative in the future. This is because synthetic fuels can be used in conventional combustion engines without major modification. We hope to see these new fuels at our OIL! stations in the not-too-distant future."

Under the slogan "A strong alliance for eFuels – climate-neutral liquid fuels", the eFuel Alliance is committed to promoting and expanding the production capacities of E-Fuels and their broad application. The interest group was founded in late summer 2020 and counts over 100 companies and institutes from various industries among its members.  

Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls, a holding company in the energy & chemicals sector, serving its customers with innovative energy solutions for transportation, heating and industrial needs. In addition, the company is active in trading with biofuels, petroleum products, natural gas liquids and chemicals. 

OIL! Tankstellen is a subsidiary of Mabanaft, Germany. Since 1994 OIL! has been operating a continuously growing service-station network throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark with more than 340 service stations, over 240 of which in Germany. OIL! offers customer-oriented services and has positioned itself as an independent brand in the service-station business.