Mabanaft is positive about its future in jet fuel

Hamburg/London  |  22 January 2021  |  Press release

Mabanaft is positive about its future in jet fuel

Mabanaft remains positive about the future development of jet fuel supply, despite the ongoing negative impact of the coronavirus on the aviation industry. Even in these challenging times, Mabanaft’s aviation team has continued to grow and develop its business.

Mabanaft sells fuel to airports and airlines throughout the UK as well as Continental Europe and the USA. The company remains committed to the aviation business, even though the aviation industry is currently going through an extremely difficult phase.

Mabanaft’s Head of UK, Eoin Dilworth says: "The aviation business is a very important part of the Mabanaft portfolio. Despite the current challenges, we remain committed to the sale and supply of jet fuel and SAF, and we’re optimistic about the recovery. We will continue to expand our customer base, geographical footprint and investments in supply infrastructure assets".

Committed to the sale and supply of jet fuel and SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel)
The year 2020 saw two milestones: in July, Mabanaft commenced selling jet fuel into-wing at Oslo Gardermoen Airport, and in December, the company imported its first cargo of SAF into Oslo – a significant step towards providing a sustainable supply chain to meet future increases in demand for SAF.

In the UK, Mabanaft continued to increase the number of customers supplied in 2020. In 2021, the company is expected to start supplying jet fuel to London Heathrow Airport. 

Growing the aviation team
Mabanaft is expanding its aviation team to support its future plans. Simon Mueller, previously Fuel Manager at Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, joined the team end of 2020. Mabanaft’s aviation manager Toby Simmons says: "We are delighted to have Simon on board, a manager with extensive operational and commercial expertise, with whom together we will continue to drive our future growth".

Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls, a holding company in the energy & chemicals sector, serving its customers with innovative energy solutions for transportation, heating and industrial needs. In addition, the company is active in trading with biofuels, petroleum products, natural gas liquids and chemicals.