Biofuels are sold wholesale by Mabanaft Trading, and in the retail sector by end-user companies as well as by service stations in the Mabanaft Retail unit.

Biofuels: The Product

What are biofuels? A detailed description of the term can be found in our glossary articles: 
Biofuels to generate motion
Biodiesel (fatty acid methyl ester/FAME)
Bioethanol (alcohol)
Biofuels to generate heat

Safety Data Sheets

Mabanaft and its subsidiaries provide safety data sheets on various products. These can be found under the following links in our Publications & Downloads section:
Safety Data Sheets

Sources of Supply

This product is available from the following Mabanaft Group companies. You may filter your result by region or business area. Enter the search term “oil trading” to filter wholesale locations, or the term “end-consumer business” or “service stations” to select by sites in the Retail segment.

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PS Olje AB
Oljevägen, 30250 Halmstad, Sweden
+46 35 191919
Heating Oil, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline (Petrol), Wood Pellets, Lubricants, AdBlue
Schmidt Energiehandel GmbH
Merschstraße 62, 59387 Ascheberg-Herbern, Germany
+49 2599 9392-0
Heating Oil, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline (Petrol), Lubricants, Biodiesel (FAME), Vegetable Oil, Wood Pellets, Natural Gas, AdBlue
Stich Energie

Branch Office of Deglmann Energie GmbH & Co. KG, Weiden

Röntgenstraße 13, 95478 Kemnath-Stadt, Germany
+49 9642 498
Heating Oil, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline (Petrol), Wood Pellets, Wood Briquettes, Lubricants, AdBlue
Stockholms Diesel & Oljehandel AB
Gårdsfogdevägen 12-14, 16867 Bromma, Sweden
+46 8 7300909
Heating Oil, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline (Petrol), Lubricants, AdBlue
Thomas Silvey Ltd.

Regional Head Office

Unit 5, Badminton Road Trading Estate, Yate, Bristol BS37 5NS, United Kingdom
+44 1454 333020
Heating Oil, betterBURN, betterBURNv, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene / Kerosine (Petroleum), Marine Diesel Oil (MDO), Biodiesel (FAME), Additives, Lubricants
Results 11-35 of 37
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Industry Glossary

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