Matrix Marine Fuels, Singapore

Matrix Marine Fuels offers physical delivery services in Singapore based on its own MPA (Maritime and Port Authority) approved bunker license.

We place a priority on meeting the individual requirements of our customers, which is achieved mainly through our Bomin network. By closely monitoring market developments, we are able to immediately perceive emerging opportunities and pass them along to our partners.

Products & Quality

We source our residual oil and marine gasoil from our trading arm, Mabanaft – and in turn use our own MPA approved Mass Flow Meter barge to supply our customers with high-quality marine fuels.

Our products meet ISO 8217:2005/2010 specifications for international marine fuels. Beyond this, we strictly adhere to all MARPOL guidelines.

Safety standards are a top priority for our team, as bunker fuels are highly sensitive products. We consistently monitor, review and update the guidelines governing our activities and are abreast of any regulatory changes from MPA.

Supply & Service

We focus on providing consistently high product and service quality and efficient customer service, through our own physical operations network and technical support team.

We have flexibility in accessing major terminals in Singapore and are able to provide customized long-term contracts and risk management offers.

General Terms & Conditions

Matrix Marine Fuels, Singapore – GTC (English)
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