Carbon capture through tree plantings

UK  |  since 2010  |  Environment

Thanks to the longstanding commitment of BWOC more than 200,000 trees have already been planted

Our subsidiary BWOC has set up a program that offers customers with a fuel card the ability to capture emissions from fuels they have purchased by making a contribution to reforestation projects. In any case, 10% of the emissions bought with a BWOC fuel card are captured in carbon capture projects, paid for by BWOC Customers can decide whether they want to pay extra to capture an additional 40% or 90% of the CO2

Since 2010, BWOC has reforested a total of 155 hectares of land with 200,000 trees, thereby compensating 43,000 tons of CO2. In 2015, the BWOC project in Harperrig, which involved the planting of 10,700 trees five years earlier, was recertified under the Woodland Carbon Code. This recertification after five years is a new process in the Woodland Carbon Code’s certification process, and Harperrig became the first project ever to achieve this recertification.