Strategic Approach of Marquard & Bahls

Strategic Approach

Strategic Approach (pdf / 1.36 MB)

Our corporate culture is defined by our vision, mission, values, priorities and philosophy. It is the foundation of all the principles and rules of conduct set out in our Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct seeks to promote high standards of integrity and honesty within all the companies comprising the Marquard & Bahls Group by defining acceptable behavior. The principles of the Code of Conduct were developed on the basis of fundamental social ethics which should represent a matter of course to every organizational member. As the overall guideline, we have included our vision & mission which together with the values and priorities outline the nature of our company. This strategic approach is considered the foundation and therefore published in a separate brochure.

The Marquard & Bahls Strategic Approach brochure has been translated into the following languages and can be downloaded as a PDF here:

English (Strategic Approach)
(pdf / 1.33 MB)
German (Strategischer Ansatz)
(pdf / 1.36 MB)
Spanish (Enfoque estratégico)
(pdf / 754 KB)
Portuguese (Abordagem estratégica)
(pdf / 1.37 MB)
Chinese (战略方法)
(pdf / 1.55 MB)


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