Mabanaft is a founding member of AquaVentus

Hamburg  |  9 December 2020  |  Press release

Mabanaft is a founding member of AquaVentus

Press Contact

Oleksandr Siromakha
Head of Sustainable Fuels
Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG
+49 40 37004-0

Pioneering project for offshore production of green hydrogen: Mabanaft is a member of the newly founded AquaVentus association, which aims to install a total of 10 gigawatts of offshore wind turbines in the North Sea between Helgoland and the Sandbank Doggerbank by 2035. One million tons of green hydrogen per year could soon be produced on the high seas.

The EU and Germany aim to become climate-neutral by 2050. The production of green hydrogen from renewable energies at sea can make a significant contribution to this goal. AquaVentus presented the pioneering project at a digital parliamentary evening on December 8, 2020 (Press Release, German).

Mabanaft is proud to be a founding member along with a strong group of leading companies, organizations and institutions jointly forming the AquaVentus platform.

"We believe that the transformation towards cleaner and lower carbon economy will require a broad range of solutions to secure the future energy needs of our customers. Green Hydrogen will be one of the key components of this transformation," comments Oleksandr Siromakha, Head of Sustainable Fuels, Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG.

The AquaVentus association is made up of innovative organizations and research institutes as well as leading international companies that are proclaiming a new age of climate-friendly energy with the production of green hydrogen at sea.  

Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls, an agile, independent holding company in the energy & chemicals sector. As a leading independent and integrated energy company, Mabanaft offers its customers innovative energy solutions for their transportation, heating and industrial needs. In addition, the company is active in trading with petroleum products, natural gas liquids and biofuels.  

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