Mabanaft Limited, UK

Mabanaft Limited is one of the UK's leading independent fuel importers and wholesalers. Its core business is the trading and distribution of petroleum products. 

Mabanaft Limited typically supplies independent distributors, retailers, hauliers, commercial airlines and supermarkets as well as customers in both commercial and industrial sectors. With a network of fuel terminals located throughout the UK, the company is able to ensure efficient and cost-effective nationwide coverage. Customers are also assured reliability of supply, fair and transparent pricing and excellent standards of service.

Mabanaft Limited has been trading in the UK for more than 60 years and its ongoing success is attributed to its agile business structure, rigorous risk management policies and a clear focus on the physical trading of fuel.

The company is a subsidiary of Hamburg-based Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG and part of the Mabanaft Trading business within the Mabanaft Group.

Services: Online Ordering

MabaLIVE is Mabanaft Limited’s free online price information and fuel-ordering service. It allows customers to view up-to-the-minute ex rack prices and instantly place their fuel order online. MabaLIVE offers daily market commentary and price trending graphs allowing customers to make informed purchasing decisions. MabaLIVE works seamlessly across desktops, laptops and internet-enabled mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

Products & Quality

Mabanaft Limited’s products are regularly checked and analyzed using the latest technology, and all meet or exceed UK specifications as well as applicable quality and European environmental standards. Products include:

  • Gasoline/Petrol
  • Diesel
  • Jet A-1
  • Ultra-low sulfur gasoil
  • Kerosene

Mabanaft Limited is obligated under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) to ensure a specified percentage of all Transport Fuel supplied is sustainable as set out by the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and RTFO guidance. This process involves providing an independently audited proof of sustainability for the fuel, showing the greenhouse gas savings versus conventional fossil fuel, the original feedstock used to create the fuel, and the feedstock’s country of origin.

Mabanaft Limited meets this obligation by blending where appropriate, while working to minimize the associated costs to ensure our customers are offered the best possible prices.

Safety Data Sheets

Diesel – containing up to 7 vol.-% FAME (English)
(pdf / 134 KB)
Gasoil – CAS 68476-30-2 (English)
(pdf / 293 KB)
Gasoline 95 RON / 97 RON – containing up to 5 vol.-% ethanol (English)
(pdf / 143 KB)
Kerosene – CAS 8008-20-6 (English)
(pdf / 284 KB)

Product Specification Sheets

Sulphur Free Diesel – BS EN 590:2009 (English)
(pdf / 61 KB)
Kerosene – BS EN 2869:2010 Class C2 (English)
(pdf / 57 KB)
Unleaded Petrol – BS EN 228:2008 (English)
(pdf / 59 KB)
Super Unleaded Petrol – EN 78000 (English)
(pdf / 62 KB)
10PPM Sulphur Gasoil – EN 2869:2010 Class A2 (English)
(pdf / 58 KB)
Jet A-1 (English)
(pdf / 0.90 MB)
FAME – EN 14214:2012+A1:2014 (English)
(pdf / 59 KB)

Compliance – Modern Slavery Act Statement

Mabanaft Limited – Modern Slavery Act Statement (English)
(pdf / 122 KB)


Mabanaft Limited – GTC (English)
(pdf / 46 KB)

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