Mabanaft Energy Trading Inc., USA

Mabanaft Energy Trading Inc. (METI), based in Houston, Texas, is a subsidiary of the Mabanaft Group. The company is responsible for the procurement, shipping, physical supply and trading of middle distillates and other refined products for the Mabanaft Group in North and Latin America.

Through Mabanaft’s other subsidiaries Mabanaft Energy Trading Inc. has access to the key markets in Europe and Asia. Mabanaft’s customers can depend on reliable supply, fair and transparent pricing and excellent standards of service. By applying our extensive experience in key commodity markets, we help our business partners secure a steady supply of refined products.


Mabanaft Energy Trading Inc.'s products are regularly checked and analyzed using the latest technology, and all meet or exceed U.S. specifications as well as applicable quality and environmental standards. Our products include:

  • Heating oil
  • Diesel fuel
  • Gasoline
  • Jet fuel
  • Kerosene


Mabanaft Energy Trading Inc.

333 Clay Street
Suite 2400, Three Allen Center
Houston, Texas 77002

United States
+1 713 9525151


Philip Chesson

Head of Trading:
Chris Mahoney