Mabanaft Coal Trading, Texas, USA

Mabanaft Coal Trading Inc., based in Houston, is active in the purchase and sale of coal, which is sourced from a number of mines and delivered to various buyers as part of its business as a trader and supplier.

In addition to trading in coal, the company also offers coal transportation, blending, and storage services. 

Partnerships with producers, consumers, transportation companies, storage and blending facilities, and export terminals allow Mabanaft Coal Trading Inc. to tailor its transactions to meet customers’ desired specifications and delivery points.

Mabanaft Coal Trading Inc. is a subsidiary of Mabanaft International Holding GmbH, which in turn is a subsidiary of Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG. As part of the Marquard & Bahls family of companies, Mabanaft Coal Trading Inc. embraces the corporate vision to be the preferred partner in energy supply, trading, and logistics.


Mabanaft Coal Trading Brochure (English)
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