December 1949

Marquard & Bahls Ends its First DM-Year with Excellent Results

The young limited company not only maintains its position, it even expands so that by the end of 1949, the DM balance sheet shows a six-fold equity increase when compared to the start-up capital. These funds are crucial to the further expansion of the company.

And this even though the repercussions of the currency reform are a bit of a blessing in disguise. The exchange rate of 1:10 creates winners and losers. Only one day has passed and the currency reform has already changed many lives. Marquard & Bahls is affected in quite a curious manner. During Managing Director Mr. Weisser's absence, six tank trucks of lubricating oil are sold at Reichsmark prices by his deputy. If the sale had been but one day later, they would have made ten times the profit. But as luck would have it, one of the tank trucks doesn’t find its way to the client and is returned to Marquard & Bahls. The earnings from the sale of this one truck-load are enough to set the young company up in DM capital.