Ethanol 85 (E85): OIL! Shows Its Pioneering Spirit
E85 an OIL! Tankstellen

February 2006

Ethanol 85 (E85): OIL! Shows Its Pioneering Spirit

OIL! is the first German service station company to offer Ethanol 85 (E85) under the brand name “CropPower85.” Drivers can fill up with the new fuel at three service stations in Germany: in Hennef, Troisdorf and Saarlouis. More stations followed later, e.g. Bremen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hochheim and Kiel in October.

However, political conditions continue to be a prerequisite for a nationwide E85 offer in Germany. The existing system of fuel tax exemption for biofuels is expected to be continued for fuels with a high proportion of biogenic components.

E85 is the fuel of a new generation of vehicles: "Flexible Fuel Vehicles," which can use either E85 or “Super” grade gasoline. E85 consists of 85% bio-ethanol and 15% gasoline. Bio-ethanol is made from wheat, rye or wood. The fuel is low in sulfur, free of aromatic substances, and is designed to help reduce harmful CO2 emissions. At the same time, it would help to lessen dependence upon fossil fuels.

By selling biodiesel and then E85 in addition to conventional fuels, OIL! Tankstellen presents itself as an innovative company in the independent service-station market. OIL! Tankstellen GmbH has operated a continuously growing network of service stations under the OIL! brand in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 1994. More than 200 of the 250 OIL! service stations at the time are located in Germany.