Christening of the Second of Three Coastal Tankers
Off-shore tanker „Bill Roberts“

June 1968

Christening of the Second of Three Coastal Tankers

The second of three off-shore tankers built for Marquard & Bahls is christened at the Roland Shipworks in Bremen Hemelingen on June 16, 1968.

The ship is named after the Englishman Bill Roberts, an independent oil trader. The first off-shore tanker built for Marquard & Bahls was named after Harry Lewis, an international oil broker from America. The third tanker, already laid down, has received the name "Peder Lysgaard" after the man who founded Uno-X in Denmark. For both free oil trading and Marquard & Bahls, these names represent three important gentlemen to whom the company wishes to extend it thanks and to show respect by naming the ships after them.

The three off-shore tankers each have 499 GRT, are 64.9 m long, 10.5 m wide and have a draught of 3.75 m.

The "Bill Roberts" is intended for use in the North and Baltic Seas as well as in the Mediterranean. This is one step further towards independence and was an investment in the coming years.